Monday, 28 August 2023

Technip Energies Awarded a Significant Contract for Hydrogen Production Unit at bp’s Kwinana Biorefinery

Technip Energies (PARIS: TE) has been awarded a significant(1) contract by bp for a hydrogen production unit at its Kwinana biorefinery in Western Australia, in support of the planned project to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and biodiesel from bio feedstocks.

The contract covers Engineering, Procurement and Fabrication (EPF) of a modularized hydrogen production unit with a capacity of 33,000 normal m3/hour, using Technip Energies’ SMR proprietary technology. Hydrogen is used for the conversion of bio feedstocks into biofuels such as SAF and biodiesel. The unit will be capable of producing hydrogen from either natural gas or biogas produced by the Kwinana biorefinery.

It is planned to integrate with the site’s existing import terminal operations and plans for green hydrogen production, which are currently being assessed. The Kwinana Renewable Fuels project is one of five biofuel production projects bp has planned globally.

Loic Chapuis, SVP Gas & Low-carbon Energies of Technip Energies, commented: “We are pleased to build on our global leadership in the delivery of hydrogen production units to support bp’s expansion of its biofuels and sustainable aviation fuel businesses. By leveraging our expertise in modularization and proprietary hydrogen technology, we are committed to making this project an industrial success.”

Wednesday, 12 July 2023

Petrobras on RNEST

PetrĂ³leo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras informs that its Board of Directors, at a meeting held yesterday, decided to continue with the implementation of the Train 2 of the Abreu e Lima Refinery - RNEST, whose works were interrupted in 2015. The decision is based on a careful reassessment of the RNEST Project which, in accordance with the assumptions of the Strategic Plan 2023-2027, had its economic attractiveness confirmed. 

The contracts associated with the continuity of the work on RNEST's Train 2 will undergo all the necessary analyses, in compliance with the applicable governance practices and internal procedures and will be disclosed to the market in due course. It is important to highlight that such project was already foreseen in the Strategic Plan 2023-2027, within the Plan's CAPEX. 

The RNEST's Train 2 is scheduled to start operating in 2027, and with this implementation, Petrobras will contribute to expand the domestic refining capacity, enabling an increase in the production of oil products, especially S10 diesel, to meet market demands.

Monday, 19 June 2023

KBR Awarded Feasibility Study to Support Next Generation Green Refinery

KBR (NYSE: KBR) announced today it has been awarded a feasibility study contract by Southern Rock Energy Partners to support the development of a first-of-its-kind refinery in Cushing, Oklahoma.

Southern Rock's proposed 250,000bpd refinery will be powered by solar, wind, waste heat and geothermal energy and consume hydrogen and oxygen as a fuel source, making it a truly cutting-edge refinery with the goal of becoming net zero carbon, and the first truly green refinery in the United States.

Under the terms of the contract, KBR will provide expert consulting services, including a feasibility study in the formative stages of the project, and key technical information for the individual process units. KBR will focus on incorporating best practices into the design that will reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) with the potential for future reduction of GHG for a sustainable operation.

"KBR is pleased to support Southern Rock Energy Partners to reach their sustainability goals through our consulting capabilities," said Jay Ibrahim, KBR President, Sustainable Technology Solutions. "This win is indicative of KBR's strategic commitment to supporting our customers through the energy transition."

KBR was recently recognized for its deep commitment to sustainability with a AAA designation in MSCI's 2023 ESG Ratings and a spot on USA Today's 2023 list of America's Climate Leaders.

About KBR

We deliver science, technology and engineering solutions to governments and companies around the world. KBR employs approximately 32,000 people performing diverse, complex and mission-critical roles in 33 countries.

KBR is proud to work with its customers across the globe to provide technology, value-added services, and long-term operations and maintenance services to ensure consistent delivery with predictable results. At KBR, We Deliver.

Thursday, 20 April 2023

Petrobras on the expansion of RNEST capacity

Petrobras informs that it has signed a contract to expand and modernize units already in operation at Abreu e Lima Refinery (RNEST), in Pernambuco. After the completion of the works, expected for the fourth quarter of 2024, the refinery will have an increase in the total processing capacity of Train 1: from the current 115 thousand barrels of oil per day (bpd) to 130 thousand bpd, as foreseen in the Strategic Plan 2023-2027.

The units involved are atmospheric distillation, delayed coking and auxiliary units. The modernization of these units is strategic for Petrobras and for the country, since it will make it feasible to increase the supply of diesel for the Brazilian market as of 2025.

Thursday, 30 March 2023

Aramco to expand presence in China by acquiring 10% stake in Rongsheng Petrochemical

Aramco, one of the world’s leading integrated energy and chemicals companies, has signed definitive agreements to acquire a 10% interest in Shenzhen-listed Rongsheng Petrochemical Co. Ltd. (“Rongsheng”) for RMB 24.6 billion ($3.6 billion at current exchange rates), in a deal that would significantly expand its downstream presence in China.

Through the strategic arrangement, Aramco would supply 480,000 barrels per day (bpd) of Arabian crude oil to Rongsheng affiliate Zhejiang Petroleum and Chemical Co. Ltd (ZPC), under a long-term sales agreement. Aramco Overseas Company (“AOC”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aramco, will acquire the interest in Rongsheng.

Among other assets, Rongsheng owns a 51% equity interest in ZPC, which in turn owns and operates the largest integrated refining and chemicals complex in China with a capacity to process 800,000 bpd of crude oil and to produce 4.2 million metric tons of ethylene per year.

Mohammed Y. Al Qahtani, Aramco Executive Vice President of Downstream, said:“This announcement demonstrates Aramco’s long-term commitment to China and belief in the fundamentals of the Chinese petrochemicals sector. It is an important acquisition for Aramco in a key market, supporting our growth ambitions and advancing our liquids to chemicals strategy. It also promises to secure a reliable supply of essential crude to one of China’s most important refiners.”

Li Shuirong, Rongsheng Chairman, said: “This strategic co-operation will take our long-term friendship and mutual trust to a new level, and paves the way for a bright future for the high-quality development of the world’s petrochemicals industry. I believe that Aramco’s involvement will greatly help Rongsheng implement its petrochemical growth strategy.”

The investment would anchor an important association between Aramco, Rongsheng and ZPC, which operates one of the world’s most state-of-the-art chemical conversion assets.

The transaction involves an off-market secondary sale of Rongsheng shares by majority shareholder Zhejiang Rongsheng Holding Group, with potential for future collaboration between the parties in trading, refining, chemicals production and technology licensing. The transaction is expected to close by the end of 2023, and is subject to regulatory approvals.

It follows the announcement on March 26 that the Aramco joint venture, Huajin Aramco Petrochemical Company (HAPCO), planned to start construction of a major integrated refinery and petrochemical complex in northeast China in the second quarter of 2023. Aramco, which has a 30% stake in HAPCO, will supply up to 210,000 bpd of crude oil feedstock to the complex.

Combined, the partnership with Rongsheng and the HAPCO joint venture would see Aramco supply a total of 690,000 bpd of crude to high chemical conversion assets.

Aramco JV HAPCO to commence construction of major refinery and petrochemical complex in China

Aramco and joint venture partners NORINCO Group and Panjin Xincheng Industrial Group plan to start construction of a major integrated refinery and petrochemical complex in northeast China.

Huajin Aramco Petrochemical Company (HAPCO), a joint venture between Aramco (30%), NORINCO Group (51%) and Panjin Xincheng Industrial Group (19%), is developing the complex that will combine a 300,000 barrels per day refinery and a petrochemical plant with annual production capacity of 1.65 million metric tons of ethylene and 2 million metric tons of paraxylene.

Construction is due to start in the second quarter of 2023 after the project secured the required administrative approvals. It is expected to be fully operational by 2026.

Aramco will supply up to 210,000 bpd of crude oil feedstock to the complex, which is being built in the city of Panjin, in China’s Liaoning province.

Mohammed Y. Al Qahtani, Aramco Executive Vice President of Downstream, said: “This important project will support China’s growing demand across fuel and chemical products. It also represents a major milestone in our ongoing downstream expansion strategy in China and the wider region, which is an increasingly significant driver of global petrochemical demand. “

Zou Wenchao, NORINCO Group Deputy General Manager, said: “This large-scale refinery and petrochemical complex is a key project of NORINCO Group to implement and realize the joint development of the high-quality Belt and Road initiative, promote industrial restructuring, and enhance the oil and petrochemical sector to become stronger, better and larger. It will play an important role in deepening economic and trade cooperation between China and Saudi Arabia, and achieving common development and prosperity.”

Jia Fei, Panjin Xincheng Chairman of the Board, said: "The project is of great significance for Panjin to promote increasing chemicals and specialty products, strengthening integration of the refining and chemical industry. It is a symbolic project for Panjin as it seeks to accelerate the development of an important national petrochemical and fine chemical industry base.”

Friday, 17 March 2023

CVR Energy Proceeds with Alkylation Project Using KBR’s K-SAAT Technology

KBR (NYSE: KBR) announced today that CVR Energy, Inc.’s Board of Directors has approved the next phase of the revamp of the alkylation unit at its subsidiary’s crude oil refinery located in Wynnewood, Oklahoma.

This phase entails the completion of engineering, design, module fabrication and construction for KBR’s Solid Acid Alkylation Technology (K-SAAT™) unit to eliminate hydrofluoric (HF) acid from the refinery. KBR’s contract includes the supply of a fully engineered and fabricated modular solution along with KBR’s proprietary catalyst for the project.

“We view this as a landmark project for the U.S. refining industry,” said Doug Kelly, KBR President, Technology. “The Wynnewood refinery will be the first U.S. implementation of K-SAAT technology, which in addition to delivering higher alkylate yield, should provide tangible environmental and safety benefits. We believe other leading refiners will adopt this technology given its clear ESG advantage.”

“We are pleased to move forward with this important project,” said Dave Lamp, President & Chief Executive Officer of CVR Energy. “It represents yet another example of CVR Energy’s efforts to focus on safe, efficient and reliable operations, and should increase gasoline production by upgrading lower-valued propylene.”

KBR’s K-SAAT provides an opportunity to maximize the yield and quality of an ultra-clean gasoline blendstock with the ExSact™ catalyst, a revolutionary solid-acid catalyst that has been engineered to outperform liquid acid catalysts.